Exercising is not just about shedding pounds or prepping to your next triathlon. Regular exercise also provides you with a healthy, luminous appearance and an unmistakable va-va-voom which you can not get any other manner.

Anybody who makes a habit of visiting the fitness center, unfurling a yoga mat or walking in the forests is conducive to some key known only to the active: The benefits of exercise stretch beyond reducing or adding muscle tone. Dozens of subtle modifications visibly revamp the human body and the mind in ways scientists are just starting to comprehend.

Perhaps your skin appears brighter, your measure is springier or you are more confident in work. Such tiny victories can go undetected by unobservant exercisers, but those on the watch for these advantages can find them every bit as legitimate as profits measured by scales and calipers.

Researchers chalk up such physical fitness boons to a assortment of powerful biochemical and physiological procedures triggered by routine exercise. And, he says, you are feeling concrete rewards straight away. “In one hour of exercising, you are feeling less stressed; this night you sleep; also for 72 hours then your own body processes blood glucose better.”

Want more incentive to liven up your shoes? Here is a glimpse into a couple of those ways exercise can make you feel and look fantastic.

1. More Radiant Skin

2. Greater Self-Confidence

3. Greater Stature

4. Less Stress 

5. Better Detoxification and Immunity

6. More Restful Sleep

7. Less Visceral Fat

8. Stronger Sex Hormones